Master Calendar


Beginning of EWA Year.

EWA Dues Statements sent to membership.

New members presented at regular meeting.


Deadline for payment of dues.


Membership Selection Committee formed.

Nomination Forms Sent to EWA Membership.


Deadline for submission of new member nominations.


Membership Selection Committee presents list of prospective members to the Executive Committee.

Slate of prospective members presented to EWA membership. 30 days allowed for comment.


President appoints Nominating Committee for Officers and Executive Committee for approval by the sitting Executive Committee.

Deadline for comments regarding new member nominations.

If a new member nominee is challenged, then President presents alternates at the March meeting. 30 days allowed for comment.


Nominating Committee will present to the Executive Committee a slate of officers to be approved by a majority of the membership.

President sends letter to new member nominees extending invitation for membership.

Deadline for comments regarding alternate new member nominations.


Deadline for new members to return membership form.

New Officers and Executive Committee members elected by a simple majority of those present at regular meeting.

President presents final slate of new members to membership at regular meeting.


Joint Executive Committee meeting between incoming/outgoing officers.