1. What is the meeting schedule? All regular meetings are held at noon on the fourth Wednesday of the month, with two exceptions: To accommodate the holidays, we do not meet in November, and the December meeting is held on the first Wednesday of the month instead of the fourth. Meeting notices are emailed to all members about two weeks prior to each meeting.

2. What is an After Hours event? After Hours events are special gatherings held outside of regular meeting times. Some prior outings have included a Garden Party at the home of EWA member Sharon Pryse, plays at the Clarence Brown and Tennessee Theatres, a visit to Richard Jolley’s Studio, and congratulatory receptions for EWA members achieving significant milestones. These events count toward attendance requirements.

3. How do I bring a guest to a meeting? Members are welcome to bring guests to regular lunch meetings. (Most After Hours events are for members only.) To bring a guest, simply make a reservation by email the same as you do for yourself. The cost for guests is $30.

4. How much are dues?
Active Member: $350.00 (Dues cover the costs of regular meetings, After Hours events, and administrative costs of the organization.)
Inactive Member: $100.00*
Emeritus Member: $100.00*

*Inactive and Emeritus members will be billed $30.00 for each regular meeting attended.

5. What are the different levels of membership?
Active. Most members fall into this category. Active members are expected to attend a minimum of four events per fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30.
Inactive status is available for one year upon request to the Executive Committee. Inactive members will pay the minimum annual dues and will receive notices, but will not participate in the voting process. Inactive members will not be expected to meet the attendance requirement.
Emeritus status can be conferred upon members who have been in good standing with EWA for at least 10 years. A member must request such status from the Executive Committee. Emeritus members will not be expected to meet the attendance requirement.

6. How do I nominate someone for membership? Nominations may be made by current members in good standing and are accepted from January through February. An email goes out to the membership when the nomination period opens, and the nomination form is available on the EWA website. No more than 10 candidates will be permitted to join in any calendar year. Because of the large number of strong nominations we receive each year, nomination does not guarantee membership.

7. What are the qualifications for membership? In order to qualify for membership, the nominee must satisfy a majority of the following criteria:

. Clearly represent executive (senior) management;
. Be directly involved in policy-making and/or have a direct influence on policy;
. Be a key decision-maker;
. Must have received significant recognition in her field;
. Must maintain a strong community influence.

In addition, she must adhere to high ethical standards in professional and business practices.

8. What is the mailing address? EWA, P.O. Box 5081, Knoxville, Tennessee 37928

9. What happens if I don’t keep my reservation? Members who make reservations for a lunch meeting but are unable to attend will be allowed one “free” missed reservation each year.The cost for other missed meetings is $30, to be billed at the conclusion of the fiscal year. After Hours events are handled on a case-by-case basis.

10. What governs EWA policies and procedures? The Executive Committee uses the Bylaws for decision making. The Bylaws are on the website and are included in the printed directories.

11. What is the Executive Committee? The Executive Committee meets monthly. In addition to attending these meetings, Executive Committee members have the following duties:

1. Preside over all meetings
2. Appoint any committees deemed necessary
3. Issue letters of invitation to nominees

President-Elect/Vice President for Programs:
1. Preside over meetings in absence of President
2. Determine format of each meeting
3. Succeed to the office of President in following year

Vice President for Membership
1. Serve as Chair of Membership Committee
2. Assume responsibility for all activities associated with recruitment and membership process. Succeed to the office of Vice President for Programs in following year

1. Send notes to members as necessary
2. Send thank-you notes to speakers

1. Maintain EWA checking account
2. Review and pay all invoices
3. Keep appropriate records on budget and prepare periodic financial statements

Immediate Past-President
1. Serve as ex-officio member of Membership Committee

1. Serve on the Membership Committee

12. Do you take clothing donations or know where I can donate good quality women’s clothing? We do not take donations, but encourage you to contact YWCA Knoxville 420 West Clinch Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902, Phone: (865) 523-6126.